Massage Therapy

Massage is combined with stretches and craniosacral therapy.

Relaxing Massage

It is normally applied with soft movements, aiming to improve the person's wellness.

60 Minutes .... $75
90 Minutes .... $100

Deep Tissue Massage

This Technique is used to deeply release all the tension that accumulates in the muscles.

60 Minutes .... $85 / Couple .... $150
90 Minutes .... $110 | Couple .... $200


This technique consists in the stimulation of pressure points on the feet, producing an effect of relaxation to eliminate stress and enables physical and mental relaxation.

45 Minutes .... $65


The skin in the face is most exposed to sun damage and environmental pollution. Facials improve the appearance of your skin, allowing for a soft and fresh visage through hydratation.

Mini Facial

Express facial treatment that refreshes and revitalizes facial skin in the moment.

30 Minutes .... $35

Deluxe Facial

Designed for all the skin, this facial was created to revitalize the skin, softening lines and restoring radiance and

60 Minutes .... $75


Body Wraps

This technique is very effective to renovate the epidermis and maintain it glowing and healthy.

60 Minutes .... $85


Volcanic Mud

Absorbs toxins from the skin, decongest and deflate the skin. Normalizes circulation and detoxifies the skin.

Sunburn Relief (Aloe)

Clean the skin, deflate, relieves skin from sunburn, hydrates, relaxes and softens.


It helps to retain fluid, also It has a great power of hydration and regulates the metabolism.



Remove the dead cells that accumulate in the surface of the skin, impeding proper ipreatines

60 Minutes .... $85



hydrates in depth, activates circulation, provides antioxidants.


Exfoliating and regenerativeto the skin, It is also an antioxidant.


Improves skin health, nourishes and moisturizes moisturizes and is excellent for dry skin.

Hands & Feet Therapy

A constant manicure and pedicure help us to get rid of dead cells, improve circulation and have a hydrated and smooth skin.

Pedicure Manicure

Ladies .... $45 | Men's .... $35


Ladies .... $35 | Men's .... $25

Mani & Pedi Combo

Ladies .... $65 | Men's .... $55

Special Packages

Spirit Relieve

Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes)
Muddy Body Treatment
2.5 Hours …. $170

Sweet Wellness

Relaxing Massage (90 minutes)
Mini Facial
Chocolat Body Wrap
3 Hours …. $210

Relaxing Soul

Relaxing Massage (60 Minutes)
Facial Deluxe
Manicure & Pedicure
3 Hours …. $190

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